Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to make money online: Sales on Facebook

The Internet offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to providing services, sell, advertise, and, finally, to do business.

Before we had the Internet, to sell goods or provide services you had to set up a stall but now there are hundreds of options to do this online. Add the factor of globalization, and you have the perfect formula to make more money online than offline.

If you are in need of money and want to earn extra income quickly and legally in internet, we offer many options in this blog. In this first post we will focus on:

Setting a virtual store on platforms like Facebook or Pinterest is extremely easy and, most importantly, free. The process of establishing the virtual store is guided step by step and you can deploy the product catalog to take advantage of social interaction and feedback to recommend your store to others.

Users of the site will share your articles and deals to the extent that they are relevant. We will present the best applications to create online stores on Facebook.

To start off, please note that all of this applications and services are great, you just have to evaluate them according to their respective characteristics and verify which is better suited to your needs. Some have free trials; other must be paid, prices vary, but it is worth it to spenc a bit of time studying each one to which is the one you need.

Vending Box

Vending box works for free when setting your store on Facebook and charges you a commission per sale. You can see all the features of the platform, which integrates many advantages. The cost ranges from $ 15 to a customizable monthly price depending on the needs of your store.


Palbin looks good, because it allows you to integrate your online store without having much knowledge in the field, being able to test a demo to see if you  are convinced. Their prices range from 20 € to 70 €.

It offers advantages such as a professional domain, payment with your bank connection through a virtual POS and other important aspects such as the optimization of the store to improve the positioning in Google.


You can use Beetailer to import your existing Facebook store. It has tools for promotions, and it provides analytics to understand the impact that these actions have had. Its price ranges from $ 50 up to $ 300. It also has a free plan.


Tiendy is noted for its ability to personalize your online store completely, from the logo to the HTML & CSS. It provides real-time statistics and different payment platforms. Their prices range from 10 € to 45 €. It also has a free 30-day trial, and its management is very simple.

CM Commerce

CM Commerce is an e-commerce application quite complete with cart, categories, different payment gateways, discounts and other functions, with a price ranging from $ 15 to a personalized rate.

An important element is the discounts, which work so you can set a fixed value variable by percentage of the value of the purchase, with the possibility of setting a start and end date. They can be applied according to the "likes" for reviews of products, share purchase or invite friends. You can also create coupons. Also they have a free trial.


Shopify is a very popular service to set up your Facebool storefront. You just sign up to get your Facebook store, upload a photo of your item, fill in the description, and set your price. Once you've finished, Shopify will automatically setup a store on your Facebook for business page. Then, just let the world know your product is for sale by sharing your Facebook page. Sounds very easy and they have a 14-day free trial.

If you have products to sell, why not sell them online?
Facebook is the best market you can find.

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